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Kali the Genetic Engineer
is the fifth episode of Mongrels, Series 1.


Nelson's effete French pen-friend Christian arrives for a visit and starts behaving uncharacteristically badly, exhibiting mood swings and frothing at the mouth. Yes, it seems Christian has rabies. Nelson and Marion must contain the disease and save their friends. However after using his Tooth brush after Christian had used it causes Nelson to think he's got Rabies. Destiny discovers that her gorgeous new boyfriend Archie is in fact a pimp/Man-whore/Stud-dog organised by her owner Gary to get Destiny to produce some pedigree pups. Destiny decides to teach Gary a lesson. Hooking Gary up with a Prostitute (as suggested by Kali) doesn't help though. When Kali is caught up in a pigeon cull, she resolves to take over the world and take revenge on humankind by creating an animal half pigeon and half fox – the pigeox. All she needs to bring her Hybrid to life is a bit of help from a passing fox, like Nelson, or, failing that, his vicious friend Vince.


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