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Marion the Superfluous Feed Character
is the seventh episode of Mongrels, Series 1.


It is Vince's birthday, but things go badly when a party popper fired by Nelson puts him in a coma. Nelson must look after his territory for him while he gets better, and decides the best way to control Vince's law-breaking slaves is to make them middle-class. Just as she gets fed up with her latest controlling boyfriend Laddie the sheepdog, fate gives Destiny the chance to date her dream partner. He is unresponsive, will do anything she asks and he cannot even answer back – the comatose Vince. but how well will love go when Vince wakes up? When You've Been Framed broadcasts the tragic but Frankly, hilarious (coupled with the song "I'm on fire") death of her mother on nationwide TV, Kali decides to take revenge on the show's presenter Harry Hill, with the help of a Thai bride and some Genesis.


The episode begins when Marion and Nelson burst into a card shop, to get a card for Vince's birthday. They manage to retrieve one, but the envelope is the wrong size. Meanwhile, Destiny has fallen in love with a sheepdog called Laddie, who continously orders her around. Vince is then shown the birthday decorations and then Nelson fires off a party popper in his face, causing him to fall off the roof. The impact renders Vince unconsious and Laddie is crushed to death. Vince then tells Nelson and Marion to look after his house while he recovers. The two then arrive at Vince's home and see he has taken a group of animals hostage. Nelson then teaches them to be middle class. Meanwhile, Destiny has developed a romantic relationship with Vince. He then comes to and after she asks him if he'd like to watch Two Weeks Notice, Vince says he hates Sandra Bullock movies. He then returns to his house and sees what Nelson has done. It turns out there was a reason  the captive animals were left terrified: Vince did it so that they would survive the hardships of life on the streets. He then asks what would happen when his hostages get attacked by a stray dog, which eventually happens. Meanwhile, Kali has witnessed the death of her mother at the hands of You've Been Framed! and decides to get revenge on Harry Hill. She plays some Genesis and gets a Thai bride in the garden to lure Hill in. When Harry turns up, Kali then proceeds to blow him up with a WW2 stick grenade. His body is then chucked into a rubbish bin.


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