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Marion the Young Lover
is the third episode of Mongrels, Series 1.


Marion falls for the beautiful Lollipop. The trouble is, Lollipop is only three weeks and six days old and, as everyone but Marion knows, the legal age for dating is not three weeks – it's four weeks. All Marion has to do is stay alive for one more day so that Lollipop can be his soulmate. Which should be easy, a cat having nine lives. Out on a walk in the park, Destiny meets a guide dog and decides that guiding is for her, purely because she likes the idea of being in control. However, she quickly discovers that guiding has its downside. It's time for her to find someone else to do her work for her – Nelson. Kali reveals that she used to nest in Amy Winehouse's hair. Also Nelson goes on Spingwatch where he learns that the animals there are posh actors.


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