Nelson the Naughty Arsonist
is the eighth and last episode of Mongrels, Series 1.


It is 5/11 (5 November) and Marion falls in with the wrong crowd of animals led by a demented Scottish hedgehog during Nelson's fire safety talk. They are determined to stop humans from celebrating bonfire night forever by blowing up the pub via lighting the alcohol in the cellar. It is up to Nelson to take heroic action to save Destiny from certain death when he remembers that Every Bonfire night Gary drugs her and puts her in the cellar. Whilst walking in the park, Destiny is chosen to become a photographer's model. The trouble is that the photographer's idea of glamour is quite different to Destiny's. When Kali has her wings clipped by the over-zealous fire warden Nelson to avoid her from flying into fireworks, nasty neighbour Vince decides to eat her. Kali must keep Vince fed, or she will be appearing in her own version of Come Dine with Me, the difference is that she's the host and main-course.


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