Vincent "Vince"
Medium close up of Vince

Voiced by

Paul Kaye


Eileen (mother)
Nelson (brother)
Kieran (son)


"Morning c***s!"

Personality Edit

Vince is a violent, foul-mouthed fox who considers himself a proper animal, and whose catchphrase is: "Morning c***s!" He indeed swears a lot, which is a running gag on the show, as every single one of his swears is beeped. He's abrasive and wild, driven by impulses which often results in violence, whether it is justified or not - it usually isn't.

Family Edit

He is Nelson's brother. His mother, Eileen, is introduced in Season 2 episode 3, Destiny and the V.E.T.S. Nelson gets together with Vince's mother but when Nelson proposes to her the shock gives her a heart attack and she dies. Marion is then put in charge of taking her body back to the Wetland Reserve where she lived; eventually, through some odd madcap adventures Vince finds out she's dead but thinks it was an accident and Nelson is off the hook. It is unclear whether or not Vince has any remaining relatives besides Nelson.

Development in the show Edit

Season 1 Edit

In Season 1 he is mainly there in contrast to Nelson's character. Not many things are revealed about him, except the fact he is related to Nelson and doesn't like the way he lives, mocking or berating him constantly for it. He's also often used by Nelson's entourage to take care of dirty deeds (most notably by Kali).

Season 2 Edit

In Season 2 episode 2 'Nelson and the Fortnight of the Living Dead', he reveals to Marion he has Tourettes' Syndrome, which is why he is so foul-mouthed. But, whenever he sings show tunes, he 'don't swear no more'.

In Season 2 episode 4, 'Vince and the C***'s Speech', he is revealed to have possibly slept with Nelson.

Trivia Edit

- Vince is very sexually driven. He has shown to have an appeal for hens (Season 1, episode 1) and other animals than foxes, such as cats (Season 1 episode 8), although it is often in perverted ways.

- Vince didn't learn how to read. He dropped out of school early. (Season 2 episode 6)